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Managing Your Brand

Creative & Event Services

Creative & Event Services

 Our job is to help your business tell the story you want to tell – live or “in the can”. Your brand is not just your logo or soundbyte but an entire package of visuals, media interaction, digital marketing, creative positioning with a lot more WOW factor thrown in for all of those live meeting audiences you’re trying to impress. If you feel like your business needs a little “oomph” in order to reach that next level of recognition or success, then bring us in as your creative production partners. 


Creative & Event Services

Creative & Event Services

Creative & Event Services

Your business is always looking for what is around the corner: A new customer, new member, new employee or just a new fan. We believe that a creative approach to your live event and marketing communications needs is the best way to show that. Our creative and events team can provide event strategy, streaming and VOD, graphic design and print, video, and innovative 3D mapping and animation. Let us come up with a dynamic and exciting way to tell your story – live or pre-produced.

- event management 

- audio visual

- corporate events


Who We Are

Creative & Event Services

Who We Are


We conceptualize, strategize and produce intriguing media and events in order to help our customers get their message to resonate with their audiences. You’ve got the brand. We envision interesting ways to engage audiences.

Ultimately, we’re your go to team for ‘big-picture” creative and event concept development or just an extension of your internal creative and meeting planning teams. Call us for:

• Corporate meetings, events 

• Trade shows

• Videos

• Graphic design and collateral

• Executive presentations

• Webcasts & streaming media, video-on-demand

• Creative development and scripts

• Team building

• Photography

Our Team


Blake Batterson - Director, Creative Services & Events

Disclaimer: Handsome "BUSINESS IS COMBAT" model is NOT Blake.  Sorry for the confusion.

Our team is everywhere. We have production partners around the world. However, for your every day creative and event needs, talk with Blake.

As B&B’s principal, Blake's thirty-plus years of B2B marketing communication experience offers a unique blend of meeting, video, photography and interactive media skills.

After moving from Chicago to Sydney to NYC to San Francisco, to LA, back to Sydney, then to Toronto, Blake finally headed off to study at Ithaca College's highly renowned Park School of Communications in upstate New York. 

While in NY Blake moved in front of the cameras as a television news anchor, general assignment reporter and talk show host for WICB-TV. 

In 1985, Blake moved behind the scenes to produce media solely for corporate clients in Toronto and then ultimately in Chicago.

After successfully moving up the ranks to Vice President/Senior Account Manager he ventured out on his own, starting B&B Productions where he oversees the creative integrity of each project and insures the project is on-time, on-budget and on-target.

While away from the grind of meetings and creative services, Blake can be found shooting photography, acting as an emcee for some charity event, attending any one of his two daughter’s performing arts shows, or actively slipping on the hockey skates to relive his days playing college ice hockey.




From Chaos to Calm

People get together. We can't stop them—we don't even try. What we can do is what we do best: motivate, educate and entertain. Every meeting situation is unique and so are our solutions. Some gatherings require just pipe and drape, others an entire themed event warranting the most creative and technical solutions we can muster. As our clients know, we are always up for the challenge.


Corporate Excitement

Not every event needs to be pipe and drape. Think branding. Think messaging. Let us design a unique staging look for your next event whether you're in Chicago or Amsterdam we offer technology for everyday general sessions and breakouts to creative solutions such as 3D mapping to enhance your event to a whole new level. 

• Town Halls

• Product Launches

• Sales Meetings

• Awards Ceremonies


Association Meetings

Engage your members. Get them talking. Guess what? Maybe more members will come next year or better yet, have your meeting generate a buzz that resonates with all of your membership. Live or streaming. 

• Annual Conferences

• Plenary Sessions

• Educational Breakouts

• Exhibit Hall Staging

• Speaker Support

• Theme Parties 


Message With a Twist

Video Sample: Innovation Motivation

Video Sample: NorrHydro


From concept to creation, B&B’s video services run the gambit. From the “corporate” sales pitch and leave behind, to the candids video of your attendees. We produce exhilarating videos full of adventure and gusto. We produce videos with a serious message to help assist in communicating policy or mission statements. We produce videos that simply entertain. The message is in the medium, and video always delivers.

Video Sample: NorrHydro

Video Sample: Innovation Motivation

Video Sample: NorrHydro


Corporate overview video included custom script, professional voice track, stock music, and edited with a combination of Adobe Premiere & After Effects.  Video was produced in both English and Finnish. 

Video Sample: Innovation Motivation

Video Sample: Innovation Motivation

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener


A fast paced, animated opening video to highlight a companies products and/or brand or an associations meeting opener.

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener


Combining the power of special effects animation and a hard hitting stock soundtrack we were able to give our client a powerful video to open their national meeting .

Video Sample: Grunge

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener

Video Sample: Grunge


This video utilizes a high end, special effects template we can update for clients who want to produce a visually and audibly exciting demo of their services. 

Virtual Reality

Video Sample: Special Effects Opener

Video Sample: Grunge



Immerse yourself in a whole new way of viewing the world – through virtual reality (VR). Watch your trade booth visitors, meeting attendees, customers, just to name a few, become immersed in any real, or imagined, environment you care to create for them. 

Streaming Media


Live or On-demand Digital Media

Capitalize on our streaming media and VOD services to communicate to audiences that can't always be there live and in person. 


Generate Excitement

Want to get your message out? Partner with us for premier communication technology solutions for meetings and events. Internet broadcasting at it's best.

No matter where your meetings take you we deliver content live or on-demand:

• Town Halls 

• National Sales Meetings

• Association Conferences

• Leadership Messaging

• Safety and Employee Training 

• Product Launches

• Awards Ceremonies


Go Live!


We offer a variety of webcasting products and services supplying all the necessary tools to broadcast from your office, studio, hotel venue or kitchen table. Your message will be heard, and seen, loud and clear. Oh, and as often as your audience likes with video-on-demand. 

• Webcast Pre-Production Coordination
• Encoding Equipment & On-Site Engineer(s)

• Webcasting Application & Software
• Live Technical Support for Viewers

• Event Production A/V
• Content Hosting & Delivery




Grab interest


Our team shoots photography for a variety of people, places and things (some we still don't know what they were). From a swanky annual or social event to a corporate holiday party, incentive trip on a tropical isle, or head shots. 

In order to capture the memories that yes, only happen once in a lifetime, we will traverse through a jungle on a zip line, paddle a boat out into the middle of a pond (unless we see an alligator), climb a tall tower or drive through late afternoon Chicago traffic. We've done it all.

Our styles are vast. Our commitment; never wavering. Our artwork hangs on walls (not just our parent’s refrigerator), can be seen on the covers of magazines, adorns corporate brochures and even some of the finest fireplace mantels in the country (we hope).

Our photography team (which is often backed by an event and videography team) has oodles of experience (we don't want to divulge our ages but let's just say we're experienced) and all of us have different capabilities which makes one of us just right for your project. 


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